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Delivery & Transformation

In our increasingly competitive industry, it is vital to secure the right talent who can help the business realise its goals and deliver value through the appropriate use of innovation and tech. Acting more like an internal consultancy, our team is made up of Portfolio Leads, Project Delivery Managers, BA's and Scrum Masters, all of whom work together to ensure we are delivering the right things, at the right time and to the right people. We work with and often on behalf of the business and we don’t just support IT project delivery.  We work in close collaboration with product owners during delivery and backlog prioritisation but we also support business owners and directors with their role in defining strategy and objectives.  We work across all business platforms, products and capabilities: from online to in-store, from product design, buying and merchandising to supply chain and enterprise services.

Big company experience with a small company mentality works well at RI as we’ve got complex, leading edge initiatives to deliver, but being private, slightly smaller organisation, there is less structure and more fluidity. A culture of rolling up your sleeves and getting things done is important as is a passion for what you do. Collaboration and pragmatism also go a long, long way!

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