The Fascinating Impact Mobile Tech Has on Retail

A new survey has revealed that customers are more likely to return to retailers offering digital innovation in the shopping experience, according to Retail Times.

The research by SOTI, a provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, asked 1,000 consumers in the UK about their shopping habits and preferences. Responses showed that consumers have fully accepted new technology into the shopping experience.

Self-service technology and mobile devices now play an important role in shaping retail experience, with 69% of respondents saying that technology such as kiosks, digital signage and self-checkouts result in a better shopping experience.

Almost two thirds (62%) of shoppers said technology helped them to find what they need and 65% said technology made it easier to check out.



4 in 5 shoppers happy to see an end of staffed checkouts


One interesting statistic was that a vast majority (80%) said they would be comfortable in environments where self-checkouts were the only option for completing a purchase, showing an appetite for reduced time interacting with retail staff during payment transactions.

Shoppers still saw a role for retail staff away from checkouts, however. For 59%, a sales assistant with access to mobile technology improves the shopping experience. Shoppers also wanted to use technology to check stock availability and pricing (35% said this improved the shopping experience).

One quarter (25%) of shoppers wanted to complete purchases on the shop floor rather than at a checkout.


Innovation in delivery – not just a nice-to-have


Technology is changing the way goods are delivered, as well as the purchasing experience. More than two thirds (68%) of survey respondents said they were comfortable with new shipping methods offered by retailers.

Four in 10 respondents were happy to use in-home delivery (41%), 25% would use drones and 22% would be prepared to take a delivery from a driverless vehicle.

The results show that shoppers increasingly see these tech-driven delivery methods as reliable time-savers, rather than optional extras.


Using technology to draw consumers to bricks-and-mortar stores


Carl Rodrigues, CEO of SOTI, said: “Our research clearly shows that the availability of mobility solutions now has a key influence on the physical shopping experience, highlighting an urgent need for retailers to innovate through technology.

“With the value of online retail sales in the UK doubling over the last five years, retailers have to find ways to get more consumers into physical shops.”



Mobile tech and retail: what’s your vision?


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